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Die-cutting Services

Do you have trouble cutting straight strips, no matter what you do? Or, just find the effort of cutting all your quilt pieces exhausting and hard on the back? Do you have arthritis and struggle just gripping the rotary cutter? Let us help you out! We offer a robust die-cutting service/subscription with options that can fit almost ANY budget! There's a little something for everyone here at Sew Charming Quilts!

Below are answers to frequent questions we receive regarding our die-cutting service:

What die-cutting machine do you use?

We utilize an Accuquilt cutter in our studio. We have dies for most of the blocks you want from 4", 6", 8", 9" 10", and 12", including some specialty dies. We also have applique dies, as well as some block on board dies, which cut the entire block for you in one pass.  So it can take you from scrappy to happy in just a few passes!

What programs do you offer?

We have three different programs and I'm sure you'll find one that works for you.
     - Rental Service: you can rent use of our die-cutting machine to use with our dies (or your own) in our studio.
     - Subscription Service: you can subscribe to our monthly die-cutting service (Mix & Match), with 3 different yardage amounts allowable per month (3, 5, or 10) and we will cut requested blocks for you.
     - Block on Board Pass:  we will cut for you blocks from our block on board dies, such as Hunter Star, Wedding Ring, Mariner's Compass, Drunkard's Path, etc.  Our applique dies would fall under the subscription service or the block on board service.

Do you have strip cutters too?
Yes! We currently have 2½ in and 1½ in strip cutters and will be adding more in the future.

What about charm square size, or layer cake size?
Yes! We have those dies too!

Do you have dies for EPP?
We do not have dies for EPP at this time, but we are always getting in new ones, so check back with us often.

Wouldn't just getting a quilt kit be quicker and easier for doing this instead?
Well, there's a yes and a no to that question.  We would never say no to quilt kits because, let's face it, they ARE awesome! But, there are some drawbacks to them too.
#1 - sometimes when you order a quilt kit, the yardage is cut per fabric, but not the individual pieces, so you still have to cut those.
#2 - most fabric designs, with the few exceptions of manufacturer basics, are only around for a season, so if you miss-cut a piece or the designer/pattern maker/printer had a typo in their fabric amounts, you may not be able to get the same fabrics, have to hunt all over to find replacement fabric, or find a substitute that will work well with the other fabrics in the kit and in the correct amounts.
#3 - or a quilt kit is sold out and when it's gone, it's gone. And maybe you JUST want to use your OWN stash.

Can I rent your machine under the rental program and take the machine and a few dies home with me?
No. We keep the Accuquilt in the studio because when it isn't rented out, we sometimes use it too.  Also, there would be insurance red-tape should any accidents to the equipment happen, expensive replacement, frowny-faces, etc, etc.  So it's only for rental use in our studio during our studio's open hours, but you can reserve time by giving us a call.

What do your programs cost?
RENTAL:  $10/hr with a 2 hr minimum.
BLOCK on BOARD SERVICE:  $9.99 per cut
SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE:  For $15.99/mo, you can send us up to 3 yards of a mix of fabrics each month, for $24.99/mo, you can send us up to 5 yards of a mix of fabrics each month and for $44.99/mo, you can send us up to 10 yards of a mix of fabrics each month and let us know what shapes you need cut and we'll take care of the rest.   It doesn't matter if it's strips for binding or borders or many, many half-square triangles.   You can ship the fabric to us or if you're local, just bring it on over!

What if you don't have a die that I really want/need to use?
Call us! We are always expanding our service and will periodically get new dies for a greater variety, and sometimes we will special order a die for you if you have need of it.  So check with us and let's see what we can do to help you take your quilt from start to finish!

Contact us for more information!  Just give us a call at (469) 319-2800 or email us at