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Quilting Tips and Tricks

Quilt Math: Getting Your Flying Geese Right

Sometimes patterns ask you to cut a little bit of extra fabric for flying geese. When you have too much fabric, you'll get these extra flaps.
In this video, we do some quilt math to help you avoid that and get a cleaner result.

How To Properly use "Jack" The Ripper

Used right, "Jack" the (seam) ripper can be your best friend.

How To Use Retayne

How To Use Retayne - Downloadable PDF

A helpful, downloadable PDF for you to reference when you use Retayne on your quilts. There is a trick to using this and we recommend a few steps for you to check out. Just click on the image above to see the PDF.

Remember to PRESS not smooth or glide your iron in order to not distort your blocks or edges.