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Longarm Rental Information

Our APQS Longarm machine- Millie- is available for rental on a first-come/first-serve basis. If you have never used a longarm machine before, you must take the machine rental certification class before proceeding to rent the longarm. If you have used a longarm before, but it is not an APQS, it is recommended that you go ahead and go through the machine rental certification class to get to know our specific machines.

All rentals need to be scheduled with an appointment. The minimum rental slot is two hours. The charge is $25.00 per hour to rent the machine. This does not include any computerized component or digital stitching assistance. This is for hand-guided free-motion quilting by you.

There is an additional cost of $5.00 per day for regular thread, $10.00 per day for specialty threads (variegated, others), and $15.00 per day for Luminary (glow-in-the-dark). While we appreciate your desire to bring your own threads, we ask that you use our threads that work best in our machines. We use polyester threads such as Glide, Affinity, and Omni; we also use cotton threads such as Connecting Threads, Harmony, and Luminary. 

If you do not have a set of zippers to utilize with the longarm you will need to purchase a set for $15.00. If you take the Machine Rental Certification Class, a set of zippers is included at no additional cost. 

We have several batting options available to you or you may bring your own. Just be aware that less expensive battings don't always wash well or stand up to a lot of quilting. Therefore, when available, we recommend a quilt shop quality batting such as Hobbs 80/20, Hobbs Heirloom, Quilters Dream, and/or Pellon.