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Quilt Like Crazy Newsletter #1 - Get on the Band Wagon!

Quilt Like Crazy

Hello, Happy Quilters!

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!! Well, in the Quilt Like Crazy neighborhood, it's actually rained quite a bit this past week.  But that's okay with me because it gave me the opportunity to enjoy fabric, fabric, fabric and plan out my next quilting projects.

We have a lot of new products here on our website and we are adding more in each and every day so you should come back often and see what's new. Or better yet, sign up for our newsletter and you will automatically get a notification once a month (nobody likes to be bombarded with emails) that will showcase our newest products.

What's Coming Up??

We will be starting new classes next month for beginners, and these classes will be ONLINE!  The classes will be hosted online at YouTube, but will be private (and not viewable for the rest of the world) for paid customers. So if you live far away or in another state, NO WORRIES, we got you covered.
Be sure to check our calendar and register for the classes.  Not all the classes coming up will be just for beginners, there will be other classes for intermediate and advanced students too - a little something for EVERYONE!

It's been a tradition in my family... well, actually, it was something I started years ago when my children were small, so now it IS a tradition, which is to celebrate MY birthday by giving a gift to my family and friends that I love so much.  So on December 1st this year.... I will pass this gift to all of my quilty family and friends and give a 20% discount on every product on our site...for this ONE DAY ONLY as MY BIRTHDAY GIFT TO YOU!

Inspirational Joke of the Week:   You know I've had enough coffee when I can thread the sewing machine needle while it's still running! Hahaha!

Quilty Tip of the Week: 
If you have fabric that seems very loose or limp and seems to stretch easily, just give it a small spritz of spray starch or Mary Ellen's Best Press, then give it a quick press with your iron to help stabilize the fabric some so that it won't stretch as much when you try to cut it.

Weekly Q & A:

Q:"Is there a way to have your company make a custom quilt for me and how much would that cost?" - Sarah, Lakewood NJ

A:  Sarah, there is no easy or short answer to your question.  At this point in time, there are no services available for ordering a quilt on the website, but there are plans for this in the future.  A blanket cost cannot be determined without knowing what fabric you would want, the pattern options, size of the quilt, the other materials that go into it, such as thread, batting, borders, backing fabric and binding, and depending on the size and complexity of the quilt, the labor involved in making it.  That being said, the owner of Quilt Like Crazy will take projects on a case-by-case basis and you should call the shop at (469) 319-2800 or email us at, to get any assistance with this request.

Well, that's all for this week my quilty friends!  Sign up for our newsletter on our site and get more fun stuff each week.

Have a quilty day!

All the best,

Quilty Kate
Quilt Like Crazy

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