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Quilt Preparation Guidelines

These guidelines are to help ensure that your quilt will be as beautiful as possible.
There may be additional charges for any quilt preparation that needs to be done prior to quilting. Your quilt will be quilted in the condition it is received. We will do our best to make sure that it is free of pleats, fullness or tucks, but please note that these things cannot always be "quilted out" and it may be necessary to put these in based on the piecing of the top.

Quilt Top:
  • Do not pin or spray baste your quilt.
  • Square your top.
  • Press well, and check for any loose or separated seams.  Ensure they are thoroughly sewn before sending in.
  • Indicate if your top and or backing have a direction, mark with paper pinned or taped to the fabric.
  • Trim your loose threads on your quilt, they can show under light fabrics and/or get caught on the machine.
  • Your top should be free of embellishments, such as buttons, beads, charms, pins. etc.
  • It is a good idea to do a stay stitch around the edge of your top, especially if it is pieced to the edge.
  • Borders should be flat. If not, this may cause tucks, pleats, or fullness.
  • If you will be shipping your quilt top and backing, accordion-fold or fold them neatly and they will ship beautifully.


  • Allow an extra 4-6 inches on all sides of the quilt for regular cotton backing.  If you have a minky or otherwise stretchy type of backing material, you will need 8-10 inches extra on all sides of the quilt.
  • If you need to piece your backing, use a ½ to 1" seam and trim the selvedges off before seaming.  Press the seams open.
  • Press well.
  • Square your backing.
  • You should use 100% Cotton fabric of a similar type, weight and feel to the fabrics in the quilt top.
  • Do not use bedsheets as backing fabric


  • Allow 4-6 inches larger than the quilt top on ALL sides.
  • Not ALL battings are created equal. VERY thin, loosely connected or cheaper, less expensive batting may not leave you with the results you are wanting to achieve.  If you provide batting, provide a good quality batting, such as Hobbs 80/20, Quilter's Dream Natural, or Pellon.
  • You may purchase batting from us for your quilt.
  • Batting should not be larger than your backing.


Helpful Hints:

  • 100% Cotton is recommended for your backing.
  • Trim the selvedge from your fabrics as they have a different texture, color and woven tightness.