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December Grand Star Kona Quilt Pattern DIGITAL

Elevate your quilting game with the Grand Star Quilt Pattern by Elise Lea for Robert Kaufman Fabrics, the stunning December feature of the Kona Cotton 2023 Calendar Quilt Patterns. This pattern offers a splendid opportunity for crafters to create a 75" x 75" masterpiece that sparkles with the festive spirit of December.

The Grand Star Quilt Pattern is a brilliant addition to any quilter's collection, providing a challenging yet rewarding project that results in a striking geometric centerpiece. With its crisp lines and bold star design, it's an homage to the winter season's beauty, all while showcasing the versatility and depth of Kona Cotton's color palette.

This downloadable pattern is perfect for beginner quilters looking to add a touch of sophistication to their holiday decor. Whether you choose to give life to this pattern as a cozy throw, a decorative wall hanging, or a cherished gift, the Grand Star Quilt Pattern is your canvas for a personal piece of art.

Don't just admire the 2023 Calendar Quilts – be an integral part of them. With the Grand Star Quilt Pattern, you're not just receiving a set of instructions; you're embarking on a creative journey that culminates in a beautiful quilt that you can proudly display or wrap up in during those chilly December nights. Get your hands on this exclusive pattern and let your quilting legacy shine bright with the Grand Star.  

 This product is a digital download.  Not up for digital download? Call us for the print pattern.  

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