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Welcome to the captivating contrast of Robert Kaufman's "Blackout" collection, where the whimsy of snowflakes comes alive on a canvas of jet black. This 100% cotton fabric is a celebration of the serene yet stark beauty of winter, with white snowflake patterns that pop against the dark background, reminiscent of the first flakes against the night sky.

Ideal for the creator who loves the drama of contrast and the elegance of winter motifs, this fabric is perfect for crafting a statement quilt, striking home decor, or a standout wardrobe piece. It speaks to the joy of the winter season, to nights wrapped up in warmth, and to the crisp elegance of a snow-covered landscape.

With the "Blackout" collection, you're not just making something beautiful; you're weaving a bit of winter's magic into every project. Let the snowflakes inspire a flurry of creativity in

your hands as you piece together a quilt that feels like a warm hug on a cold night or stitch a tote bag that carries the charm of a winter's evening wherever you go. This fabric is for those moments when you want your creations to be bold, to be striking, and to make

a statement that's both timeless and enchanting.

Turn to the "Blackout" collection for your next sewing adventure and let the stark beauty of these snowflakes inspire you to create pieces that are as memorable as they are beautiful. Whether it's the focal point of a cozy living room throw or the show-stopping detail on a chic winter garment, this fabric is sure to spark joy and ignite the imagination with each and every stitch.