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Step into a world of timeless charm with Robert Kaufman's "Blackout" collection, where crisp, charcoal gray snowflakes are scattered across a pure white background, reminiscent of an ink sketch on a blank canvas. This 100% cotton fabric captures the delicate intricacy of winter's most elegant symbol, the snowflake, each one a small, perfect universe of design.

This fabric is perfect for those who love the contrast of bold and simple, the ones who find joy in the balance of light and dark. Ideal for creating a cozy quilt to curl up with on a chilly evening, an elegant tablecloth for winter feasts, or a chic piece of clothing that celebrates the unique beauty of the snowflake.

With the "Blackout" collection, you have the opportunity to craft creations that speak of quiet evenings by the fire, the soft hush of falling snow, and the peace that comes with a world blanketed in white. Let this fabric inspire your next project, and watch as it transforms the ordinary into a winter wonderland.